Toby Henry – sponsored by Motueka Rotary Club to attend Outward Bound Course

Toby has completed a 21 day Mind, Body &Soul Leadership course at Outward Bound, sponsored by the Motueka Rotary Club.  Toby’s instructor commented “Toby’s intelligence and insightfulness contributed greatly to our moments of reflection as a group. His self-awareness and honesty ensured that he took advantage of every opportunity to grow and face his challenges head on.  His constant gratitude had a deep influence on the perspective of the group as a whole. Toby is a remarkable young man, whose unique gift will make him an invaluable member of any community.”



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Rock Quest: Saturday 8 May 2021
Teacher Only Day: Tuesday 18 May 2021
Teacher only day – school is closed for all students
Cross Country: Thursday 20 May 2021
Period 4 and lunchtime
Regional Manu Korero: Friday 21 May 2021
Careers Roadshow: Thursday 25 May 2021
School Hall 1-3pm
Term 2 ends: Friday 9 July 2021
Term 3 Starts: Monday 26 July 2021
Term 3 ends: Friday 1 October 2021
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