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There is a wide range of opportunities for students to make a difference and to demonstrate leadership. Leadership development is a major strength of this school and we actively nurture the potential in individuals. There are 20 designated Captains or Head Student roles in Year 13, and many more opportunities to lead and participate in other groups and forums that are open to all.

Student Leaders 2019

Head StudentsMay Takahashi and Kyle Harrison 

BOT Student Representative  – George Lockhart

Arts CaptainsHeather Sinclair Wentworth and Jess Tibbs

 Sports CaptainsSarah Fitisemanu and Andre Pienaar

Community Service CaptainsBryn Boyes and Amber Goodall

KaitaunakiTagan Stringer and Saskia Gray

International Liaison CaptainsLela Askew and Patricia Ramirez-Martinez

Environmental CaptainsLottie Stow and Layla Sudol

House Captains

NUKU (Green)Charlie Thain and Jade Heath-Keen

 ANGI (Yellow)Izzy Neal and Libby Norgate

AHI (Red) Franziska Lerbs and Fletcher Pickworth

WAI (Blue) – Karina Foxley and Camryn Smart

Youth4Youth Peer Support Leaders

Isabella Cranshaw  Year 13, Alexander Crowe Year 13, Christopher Davis

Year 12, Tessa Seymour Year 12, Shannen Smith Year 12, 

Lottie Stow Year 13, Davis Sundbye Year 12, Niamh Taske Year 12,

Quinne Weber Year 11, April Young Year 13

Scholarship Winners 2018

Jasmin Mosimann – Dux

Sarah Sowerby – Proxime Accessit and Kina Beach Scholarship

Stella Stevens – Top All Round Student and Sir Wallace Rowling Memorial Scholarship Nominee

Kina Beach Scholarship Winners

Brittany Iorns

Cherees du Plessis

Nathan Goode

Lauren Walker – also joint winner of the Shirley Hobson Memorial Riwaka Educational Scholarship

Finn Wilson-Howarth – Shirley Hobson Memorial Riwaka Educational Scholarship

Manoy Scholarship

Isabella Braxton-Baily

NMIT Citizenship Award

Jan Lammers

Safe & Sound Scholarship

Casey Boyes

Pethybridge Scott Rotary Youth Trust Scholarship

Michael Pickering-Webb                       Joshua Elliston


ITM Sport Performance Scholarship

Emily Bryan                                              Shannen Smith                                    Alex Brogan


Jill Bell Memorial Trophy

Brianna Warrander

Year 11 First in Subject

Tessa Seymour, Dance; Liam Ryder, Digital Technology; Natalie Sixtus-Fenemor, Digital Technology; Jannis Buschkuehle, Distance Learning – Level 1 (German); George Lockhart, Drama; Shannen Smith, Drama; Natalie Sixtus-Fenemor, Economics and Accounting; Benjamin Crowther, Engineering; Tessa Seymour, English; Niamh Pelling, Food and Nutrition; Cameron Bradford, French; Christopher Davis, Geography; Christopher Davis, Graphics; Libby Yeatman, Health Education; Tessa Seymour, History; Niamh Tasker, Horticultural and Agricultural Science; Kai Grinberg, Mathematics; Lilly Leuschner, Media Studies; Miriam Vincent, Multi Media Exploration; Tagan Stringer, Music; Charlie MacLennan, Outdoor Education; Shannen Smith, Physical Education; Jack Wilson, Primary Trades; Kai Grinberg, Science; Miriam Vincent, Soft Materials Technology; Harsh Kansara, Sport and Recreation; Saskia Gray, Te Reo Maori; Tessa Seymour, Year 11 Art Making Intensive.

Year 12 First in Subject

Raven August, Accounting; Freeman Payne, Automotive Engineering; Isabella Cranshaw, Biology; Jade Heath-Keen, Biology; Knightly Clarke, Building; Isabel Neal, Careers; Isabella Cranshaw, Chemistry; Thomas Pearson, Computer Studies; Franziska Lerbs, Dance; Freeman Payne, Design; Lela Askew, Digital Technology; May Takahashi, Distance Learning – Level 2 (Japanese); Jasmine Hess, Drama; Jasmine Hess, Engineering; Renee Currie, Engineering; Jessica Tibbs, English; Mai Tanaka, ESOL; Amber Goodall, Food and Nutrition; Thomas Pearson, French; Lawson Archibald, Furniture; Hannah Stow, Geography; Bryn Boyes, Graphics; Toby Henry, Graphics; Isabel Neal, Health Education; Jessica Tibbs, History; Laura Inglis, Horticultural and Agricultural Science; Thomas Pearson, L3 Chemistry; Franziska Lerbs, Mathematics; Thomas Pearson, Mathematics with Calculus; Jessica Tibbs, Music; Layla Sudol, Outdoor Education; Crystal Richardson, Painting; Crystal Richardson, Photography; Sophie O’Cain, Physical Education; Thomas Pearson, Physics; Crystal Richardson, Soft Materials Technology; Kea Winkler-Stringer, Sports Leadership; Julia Todd, Tourism.

Year 13 First in Subject

Astaria Vink, Art Design; Cosima Walterfang, Art Painting; Sarah Sowerby, Biology; Hayden Wordsworth, Building; Dane Chea, Dance; Dane Chea, Distance Learning – Level 3 (Chinese); Stella Stevens, Drama; Zion Perry, Drama; Jamie Jones, Engineering; Sarah Sowerby, English; Samantha Simpson, Food and Nutrition; Susie Adams, Geography; Jemma Garland, Graphics; Sarah Sowerby, History; Lauren Walker, Horticultural and Agricultural Science; Benjamin Ironside, Mathematics with Statistics; Connor Black, Music; Cherees du Plessis, Outdoor Education; Elisha Godsiff, Physical Education; Olivia Qin, Physics; Cadyn Goodman, PITA Yr 2; Lillian Russon, Sports Leadership; Dane Chea, Tourism.

Special Awards

$1,000 tool grant from BCITO, Fynn Anderson, Jacob Bryan; AICA Chemistry Award, Thomas Pearson, Olivia Qin; Arts Captain, Francesca Richards, Stella Stevens; Award for Most Improved Migrant Student, Patricia Martinez-Ramirez; BOT Student Representative, May Takahashi; Cameron Prize for Digital Technology, Caleb Gibson; Celebrating a Successful Transition Year, Michael Tideman; Community Involvement and Working Towards Independence, Michael Tideman; Community Services Captain, Isabella Braxton-Baily, Joshua Giles; Engagement in Calculus Award, Jasmin Mosimann; Environmental Captain, May Takahashi; F R James Cup for Horticulture, Lauren Walker; Good Fellowship Prize, Bryn Boyes, May Takahashi; Head Boy, Jan Lammers; Head Girl, Ella Ward; Institute of Physics Prize for NCEA L2, Thomas Pearson; International Student Captain, Pamela Currie; Jeremy Temple White Prize, Samantha Boyes; Joanna Bastings Memorial Cup for Excellence in Year 12 English, Jessica Tibbs; Kaitaunaki Whanau, Asher Delany-Townsend; Library Service Prize, Michaela Christie; Lions Design Technology Cup, Lela Askew; McKee Trust Award for Excellence in Science, Brittany Iorns; McKee Trust Scholarship Nominee, Cherees du Plessis; Megan Hebberd Memorial Cup for Leadership in Outdoor Education, Cherees du Plessis; Most Improved Maori Language Student, Canaan Neha-Manihera; Motueka High School Environmental Award, May Takahashi; Network Tasman Y11 – Science, Kai Grinberg, Miriam Vincent; Network Tasman Y12 – Science, Layla Sudol, Thomas Pearson; Network Tasman Y13 – Science, Brittany Iorns, Casey Boyes; Nga Manu Korero, Saskia Gray; Nga Toa Ngaki Kai Plant & Food Research Science Award for top Maori Senior Science student, Brittany Iorns; Peer Support Leadership – Top Boy, Kyle Harrison; Peer Support Leadership – Top Girl, Lela Askew; Primary Industries Year 2, Cadyn Goodman; Primary Industries Year One, Jack Wilson; Senior Poetic Writing – English, Stella Stevens; Senior Prose – English, Sarah Sowerby; Soroptimist Trust Award, Pamela Currie; Sports Captain, Hollie Spark, Jacob Bryan; State Cinema Motueka – Sound and Lighting Application and Effort Award, Awatea Teaukura; Supported Learning Centre award for Working Towards Independence, Emma Gillions, Paige Burley; The Faith Jackson Trophy – Top Student in Year 12 Maths, Franziska Lerbs; Top Form Class Leader, Molly Faulkner; Top Maori Student Achievement, Brittany Iorns; Tuakana Maori Award – Alan Brunning Trophy, Saskia Gray; Whenua iti Outdoor Education Prize, Awatea Teaukura.

NCEA Endorsements 2018

NCEA Level 3 Endorsements

Excellence (4)
Jasmin Mosimann, Thomas Pearson, Sarah Sowerby, Stella Stevens

Merit (11)
Casey Boyes, Isabella Braxton-Baily. Pamela Currie, Cherees du Plessis, Elisha Godsiff, Nathan Goode, Brittany
Iorns, Marlene Naude, Olivia Qin, Lauren Walker. Rheanna Wood

Level 2

Excellence (13)
Raven August, Bryn Boyes, Isabella Cranshaw, Jade Heath-Keen, Franziska Lerbs, Isabel Neal, Lela Askew,
Crystal Richardson, Heather Sinclair-Wentworth, Lottie Stow, Layla Sudol, May Takahashi, Jessica Tibbs

Merit (30)
Hannah Beech, Joel Bishop, Laura Bowdler, Kyle Boyes, Alexander Brogan, Emily Bryan, Leah BullockLindegger, Isaac Bunn, Jordan Craig, Alexander Crowe, Karina Foxley, Alexander Garlick, Amber Goodall, Alice
Gordon, Sapphira Harrington, Tia Hausman, Toby Henry, Laura Inglis, Shanti King, LachlanLeppien, Kimberly
MacLean, Patricia Martinez-Ramirez, Douglas McGhie, Sophie O’Cain, Pagan O’Donohue-Rogers, Camryn
Smart, Charlie Thain, Shanti Wemyss, Alissa Yang, April Young

Level 1

Excellence (10)
Madeleine Bridge, Christopher Davis, Rowena Mosimann, Niamh Pelling, Tessa Seymour, Natalie SixtusFenemor, Shannen Smith, NiamhTasker, Miriam Vincent, Libby Yeatman

Merit (42)
Blake Barrett, Ryan Bensemann, Jacob Brooks, Jannis Buschkuehle, Lily Chapman, Benjamin Crowther, Jessie
Fa’avae, Jason Foxley, Elliott Frampton, Campbell Fry, Daniel Garib, Paige George, Emily Gordon, Saskia Gray,
Stanley Griffith, Kai Grinberg, Jayden Handscomb, Alexa Inch, Casey Iorns, Myah Limmer, Charlie MacLennan,
James Morris, Edward Morris, Shay Morton, Lily Nelmes, Phoenix Nisbett, Willem Pienaar, Joelle Post, Jessie
Riley, Caitlin Sharkie, Shelly Sinclair, Dominique Sonntag, Thoryn Stephens, Tagan Stringer, Davis Sundbye,
Rhea Symonds, Tavania Thorn, Phoenix Weiss, Cordelia Woodhead, Ebon Woollett, Holly Young, Katelyn

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