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There is a wide range of opportunities for students to make a difference and to demonstrate leadership. Leadership development is a major strength of this school and we actively nurture the potential in individuals. There are 20 designated Captains or Head Student roles in Year 13, and many more opportunities to lead and participate in other groups and forums that are open to all.


Student Leaders 2018

Head StudentsJan Lammers and Ella Ward







BOT Student Representative and Environment Captain – May Takahashi










Arts CaptainsStella Stevens and Frankie Richards


Sports CaptainsJacob Bryan and Hollie Spark


Community Service CaptainsJoshua Giles and Isabella Braxton-Bailey


KaitaunakiMamie Mikaere and Asher Delany


International Liaison Captains – Bright Mueangmi and Pamela Currie


House Captains

NUKU (Green)Lily McClintock and Alana Beckett-Inglis


 ANGI (Yellow)Jamie Jones and Marlene Naude

AHI (Red) Jacob Limmer and Lucy Roborgh


WAI (Blue) – Hayden Wordsworth and Molly Faulkner



Youth4Youth Peer Support Leaders – Maddisen Andersen Year 12, Lela Askew Year 12, Isabella Braxton-Baily Year 13, Karina Foxley Year 12, Nathan Goode Year 13, Kyle Harrison Year 12, Jade Heath-Keen year 12, April Young Year 12.


Scholarship Winners 2017

Simon Vincent – Dux

Jacob Bowdler – Proxime Accessit and Sir Wallace Rowling Memorial Scholarship Nominee










Kina Beach Scholarship Winners

Macey Barrow

Victoria Binns

Shania Pascoe

Josh Wemyss

Tori Holden – also winner of the Shirley Hobson Memorial Riwaka Educational Scholarship

ITM Sport Performance Scholarship

Isabel Neal and Alex Brogan


Grete & Clyde Smith memorial Scholarship for Creativity

Michael Pickering-Webb

Manoy Scholarship

William Davis

Nelson Federation of Graduate Women Trust Study Award

Stevie Inch

NMIT Citizenship Award

Abigail Roxburgh

Pethybridge Scott Rotary Youth Trust Scholarship

Harry Sangster, Jack Lightwood and Dale Carter

Massey University Academy of Sport Scholarship

Sydnee Wilkins

University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship

Laura Wilkinson

 NCEA Endorsements 2017

NCEA Level 1 Excellence Endorsements (50+ Excellence credits in 2017)

Raven August, Peri Beech, Bryn Boyes, Emily Bryan, Leah Bullock-Lindegger, Isabella Cranshaw, Amber Goodall, Sapphira Harrington, Jade Heath-Keen, Toby Henry, Shanti King,  Kimberly MacLean, Isabel Neal, Sophie O’Cain, Lottie Stow, Layla Sudol, Jessica Tibbs, Thomas Pearson, Crystal Richardson, Heather Sinclair-Wentworth, May Takahashi.


NCEA Level 1 Merit Endorsements (50 + Merit and Excellence credits in 2017)

Maddison Anderson, Lela Askew, Hannah Beech, Joel Bishop, Laura Bowdler, Alex Brogan, Isaac Bunn, Piers Comins, Shanae Dadson, Kyle Boyes, Sarah Fitisemanu, Karina Foxley, Alex Garlick, Caleb Gibson, Alice Gordon, Amy Harrison, Kyle Harrison, Tia Hausman, Sylvie Hiles, Ben Johnston, Sherly Kengnok, Esmae Leenhouwers, Fran L, Lachie Leppien, Zoe Limmer, Anouk Manderson, Patricia Martinez-Ramirez, Sebastian Mataric, Douglas McGhie, Megan O’Cain, Freeman Payne, Andre Pienaar, Reuben Prestidge, J C Quiozon, Jessie Richards, Jessica Simpson, Camryn Smart, Charlie Thain, Julia Todd, Olivia Troughton, Jasmine Wood, April Young


NCEA Level 2 Excellence Endorsements (50+ Excellence credits in 2017)

Pamela Currie, Brittany Iorns, Jasmin Mosimann, Thomas Pearson, Sarah Sowerby, Stella Stevens


NCEA Level 2 Merit Endorsements (50 + Merit and Excellence credits in 2017)

Susie Adams, Casey Boyes, Isabella Braxton-Baily, Dane Chea, Hunter Chung, Cherees du Plessis, Emily Elliston, Jemma Garland, Nathan Goode, Jack Gorrill, Alana Inglis Beckett, Jamie Jones, Lily McClintock, Marlene Naude, Frankie Richards, Samantha Simpson, Astaria Vink, Lauren Walker, Ella Ward, Rheanna Wood.


NCEA Level 3 Excellence Endorsements (50+ Excellence credits in 2017)

Jacob Bowdler, Simon Vincent, Josh Wemyss


NCEA Level 3 Merit Endorsements (50 + Merit and Excellence credits in 2017)

Zion August, Milo Clark, Jack Coakley, William Davis, Mark Dyson, Megan Hendren, Tori Holden, Shania Pascoe, Maia Piggott, Joseph Ryan, Charley Tuuta, Laura Wilkinson



Calculus = Simon Vincent

Statistics = Jacob Bowdler


Level 1 Course Endorsements

Maddison Anderson: Art (M), Graphics (M)

Lela Askew: Art (M), English (M), French (M)

Raven August: Economics and Accounting (E), English (M), Geography (M), Maths (E), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M)

Hannah Beech: Art (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Science (M)

Peri Beech: Art (E), English (M), Horticulture (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (E)

Joel Bishop: Science (M)

Laura Bowdler: Economics and Accounting (M)

Bryn Boyes: Art (M), Graphics (M), Maths (M), PE (M), Science (M)

Kyle Boyes: Maths (E), PE (M), Science (M)

Alex Brogan: English (M), Maths (M), Science (M)

Emily Bryan: Art (E), English (M), Science (M)

Rowan Bryden: Art (M)

Leah Bullock-Lindegger: Art (M), English (M), Graphics (M), Maths (M), Music (M), Science (M), German (M)

Isaac Bunn: Geography (M), Maths (M), PE (M), Science (M)

Samantha Collin: Art (M)

Piers Comins: Outdoor Ed (E)

Isabella Cranshaw: Art (E), Maths (E), Outdoor Ed (M), Science (E), Japanese (M)

Shanae Dadson: Art (M)

Tamu Emery: Maori (M)

Sarah Fitisemanu: PE (M)

Karina Foxley: Art (M), Dance (M), Food and Nutrition (M), Maths (M)

Alex Garlick: Art (E), English (M), Maths (M), Science (M)

Caleb Gibson: English (E), Maths (M), Science (M)

Alex Gillatt: Outdoor Ed (M)

Amber Goodall: Art (E), English (M), Food and Nutrition (E), Geography (M), Maths (M), Science (M)

Alice Gordon: Dance (M), English (M), Food and Nutrition (M), Health (M), Science (M)

Sapphira Harrington: Art (M), Economics and Accounting (M), English (M), Maths (E), Media (M), Science (E)

Amy Harrison: Dance (M), English (M)

Kyle Harrison: Economics and Accounting (M), Health (M)

Tia Hausman: Dance (M), Food and Nutrition (M)

Jade Heath-Keen: English (E), Food and Nutrition (E), Maths (M), Media (M), PE (E), Science (E)

Toby Henry: Art (E), English (M), Graphics (E), PE (M), Science (M)

Tim Herrick: PE (M)

Sylvie Hiles: Art (M)

Ben Johnston: PE (M)

Sherly Kengnok: English (M)

Shanti King: Art (E), English (M), Media (M)

Corey Langford: Science (M)

Fran L: Dance (M), Maths (E), Science (M)

Esmae Leenhouwers: Art (E), English (M), Graphics (M), Science (M)

Lachie Leppien: Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Science (M)

Zoe Limmer: Art (M), Graphics (M)

Anouk Manderson: Art (E), Dance (M), English (M), German (M)

Carmelita Matheson: Art (E), English (M)

Kimberly Maclean: Economics and Accounting (M), English (M), Food and Nutrition (E), Health (M), Maths (M), Science (E)

Izzy Maynard: Health (M)

Douglas McGhie: History (M), Maths (M), Science (M)

Isabel Neal: English (E), Geography (M), Health (E), PE (E), Science (M)

Sophie O’Cain: Food and Nutrition (M), Health (M), Maths (M), PE (E), Science (E)

Megan O’Cain: Art (M), Science (M)

Pagan O’Donohue-Rogers: Outdoor Ed (M)

Freeman Payne: Art (M), Maths (M)

Thomas Pearson: English (M), French (E), Graphics (E), Science (E)

Fletcher Pickworth: PE (M)

Andre Pienaar: English (E), Maths (M), PE (M)

J C Quiozon: Science (M)

Jessie Richards: Outdoor Ed (E)

Crystal Richardson: Art (E), English (M), Graphics (M), Science (M)

Conrad Savage: PE (M)

Heather Sinclair-Wentworth: Dance (M), English (M), Maths (M), Music (M), Science (M)

Camryn Smart: English (M), PE (M),

Layla Sudol: English (M), Geography (M), Maths (E), Outdoor Ed (E), Music (M), Science (E), Latin (E)

Josh Stock: Outdoor Ed (M)

Lottie Stow: Economics and Accounting (M), English (M), French (E), Geography (M), Maths (E), Science (M)

May Takahashi: Art (E), English (E), Maths (E), PE (M), Science (E)

Charlie Thain: English (M), Food and Nutrition (M), Health (M)

Jessica Tibbs: English (E), History (M), Maths (M), Media (M), Music (M), Science (E)

Julia Todd: Health (M)

Daniel Trevurza: Outdoor Ed (M)

Olivia Troughton: English (M), Geography (M)

Brianna Warrender: Dance (M), Outdoor Ed (E)

Kea Winkler-Stringer: Art (M)

Jasmine Wood: Graphics (M), Horticulture (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M)

Alissa Yang: Art (M), Graphics (M), Science (M)

April Young: Economics and Accounting (M), PE (M), Science (M)


Level 2 Course Endorsements

Susie Adams: Geography (M), Maths (M), Physics (M)

Payton Blackman: PE (M)

Casey Boyes: Maths (M), Physics (M)

Isabella Braxton-Baily: English (M), Food and Nutrition (M), Media (M)

Jacob Bryan: PE (M)

Corban Burt: Maths (M)

Dane Chea: Chinese (M)

Hunter Chung: Physics (M)

Pamela Currie: Biology (M), Chemistry (M), English (M), Maths (M), Physics (E)

Cherees du Plessis: English (M), Graphics (M)

Emily Elliston: Photography (M)

Molly Faulkner: Dance (M)

Hannah Gale: English (M)

Jemma Garland: English (M), Physics (M)

Josh Giles: Painting (M)

Nathan Goode: Biology (M), PE (M), Physics (M)

Jack Gorrill: Maths (M), Physics (M)

Louis Griffith: Biology (M)

Alana Inglis-Beckett: PE (M)

Brittany Iorns: Biology (E), Chemistry (M), English (M), Horticulture (M), Maths (M), Physics (M)

Jamie Jones: Maths (M), Physics (M)

Samantha Krammer: Painting (M)

Antonia L: English (M)

Lily McClintock: Fabrics (M), Physics (M)

Jasmin Mosimann: Design (M), Biology (E), English (E), Geography (E), Maths (M)

Thomas Pearson: Maths (E)

Zion Perry: Drama (M)

Freya Phillips-Dorning: Photography (M)

Patricia Ramirez-Martinez: Spanish (M)

Shaquille Rangi: Maths (M), PE (M)

Frankie Richards: Design (M), Biology (M), English (M), History (M)

Lucy Roborgh: English (M)

Karen Sangha: English (M)

Danielle Simpson: Photography (M)

Samantha Simpson: Painting (E), English (M), Food and Nutrition (M)

Sarah Sowerby: Biology (M), Chemistry (M), Classics (E), English (E)

Hollie Spark: PE (M)

Stella Stevens: English (E), Geography (M), History (M), Music (M), Physics (M)

Layla Sudol: German (E)

Tui Vincent: Photography (M)

Astaria Vink: Design (M), English (M)

Chevy Walker: Photography (M)

Lauren Walker: Biology (M), Chemistry (M), English (M), Geography (M), Horticulture (M)

Cosima Walterfang: Painting (M)

Ella Ward: English (M)

Finn Wilson-Howarth: English (M)

Rheanna Wood: Biology (E), Chemistry (M), Maths (M), Physics (M)

Lintaro Yoda: Japanese (E)


Level 3 Course Endorsements

Zion August: Health (M)

Tori Binns: English (M)

Jacob Bowdler: Calculus (E), Chemistry (M), Music (M), Physics (M), Statistics (E)

Milo Clark: Photography (M)

Jack Coakley: French (E), History (M)

Ben Cudby: Chemistry (M)

William Davis: Chemistry (M), English (M)

Mark Dyson: Calculus (M), Chemistry (M), History (M)

Sara Greenwood: History (M)

Megan Hendren: Dance (M), PE (E)

Tori Holden: Drama (M)

Stevie Inch: Design (M)

Lucy Johnston: Dance (M)

Anihana Kirkwood-Thorpe: History (M)

Ben Mills: Design (M)

Rose Morris: History (M)

Shania Pascoe: Biology (E), English (M)

Thomas Pearson: Calculus (E)

Maia Piggott: Dance (M), Food and Nutrition (M)

Risaleeana Pouri-Lane: PE (M)

Joseph Ryan: Statistics (M)

Angus Stuart: Calculus (M)

Charley Tuuta: Design (M), Painting (M), Drama (M)

Simon Vincent: Calculus (E), Chemistry (E), Physics (M), German (M)

Tanika Wade: Design (M)

Josh Wemyss: Biology (E), Calculus (M), Chemistry (E), Physics (M)

Sydnee Wilkins: Food and Nutrition: (M), PE (E)

Laura Wilkinson: Biology (M), Statistics (M)



Rising Star profile Sydnee Wilkins


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School Ball: 22 September 2018
8pm Saturday 22/9/2018 Theme: Arabian Nights
Sports Prize-giving: 25 September 2018
Last day of Term 3 : Friday 28 September 2018
Term 4 begins: 15 October 2018
Labour Day: 22 October 2018
Holiday 22/10/2018
Arts Prize-giving: 24 October 2018
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Whanau farewell: 30 October 2018
Senior Prize-giving: 2 November 2018
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