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There is a wide range of opportunities for students to make a difference and to demonstrate leadership. Leadership development is a major strength of this school and we actively nurture the potential in individuals. There are 20 designated Captains or Head Student roles in Year 13, and many more opportunities to lead and participate in other groups and forums that are open to all.

Student Leaders 2021

Head StudentsMilan Chapman and Quinne Weber

BOT Student Representative  – Milan Chapman




Scholarship Winners 2020

Kai Grinberg – Dux

Christopher Davis – Proxime Accessit

Tessa Seymour – Top All Round Student


Kina Beach Scholarship Winners

Christopher Davis

Jessie Fa’avae

Tessa Seymour

Tagan Stringer

Rowena Mosimann

Shirley Hobson Memorial Riwaka Educational Scholarship

Blake Thomas

Manoy Scholarship

Rhea Symonds

NMIT Citizenship Award

Dayna Kenning

AH Dawson Trust Scholarship – RSA

Lily Chapman, Saskia Gray and Phoenix Nisbett

ITM Sport Performance Scholarship

The Adventure Racing Team

Jill Bell Memorial Trophy

Liarna Treanor

Jeremy Temple-White

McKee Trust Award for Excellence in Science

Dominique Sonntag

Sir Wallace Rowling Memorial Scholarship

Niamh Tasker

Victoria University (Totoweka School Leavers Scholarship)

Tessa Seymour

Otago University (Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship)

Christopher Davis

Pethybridge Scott Youth Trust Scholarship

Yasmin Giles, Blair Hamilton, Knightly Clarke

Abel Tasman Educational Scholarship

Odette Peter

The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award

Brigid Creagh



Ai Takahashi – Japanese (E), Nunya Bender – German (E)

YEAR 11 SUBJECT ENDORSEMENTS 2020  M=Merit  E=Excellence

Jake Maley: Science (M), Willow Stebbings: PE (M), Alex Shee: French (M), Maths (M), Science (M), Isa Hermens: DVC (M), Louis Young: Food (M), Maths (M), PE (E), Science (M), Oliver Whitaker: Science (M), Bobby Boyce: English (M), Maths (M), Science (M), Rain Byrne: Art Making Intensive(E), DVC (M), English (M), Food (M), Maths (M), Science (M), Lisa Schubert: English (M), Geography (E), Horticulture (E), Science (M), French-Correspondence) (E), Anoushka van Boekhout-McKenzie: Art Making Intensive (E), Outdoor Ed (E), Brooke Tranter: History (M), PE (M), Janek Manderson: Food (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M), Johnny McLennan: Outdoor Ed (M), Pearl McLauchlan: History (M), Bree O’Connor: Outdoor Ed (E), Kelly Jenkins: French (M), Caspian Bailey: Music (M), Jolie Ferne: Art Making Intensive (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Ari Miller: DVC (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Science (M), Ben Carter: Outdoor Ed (M), Sydney Fisher: Mixed Media Exploration (E), Jade Sundbye: PE (E), Mirissa Briggs-Port: Drama (M), Art (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Jordan Fisher: DVC (M), Tazma Ashcroft: Art Making Intensive (M), DVC (M), English (M), Maddison Wheki: Art Making Intensive (M), Izzy Elsom: Business Studies (M), Tom Lightfoot: Maths (M), Bryce Walker: Outdoor Ed (M), Ella Pratt: Outdoor Ed (M), Ryan Hobbs: Outdoor Ed (M), Hannah Claringbold: Horticulture (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Theresa Currie: DVC (M), English (M), Food Technology (M), Hamish Monaghan: Art Making Intensive (E), Maths (M), Science (M), Molly Morris: Mixed Media Exploration(M), Brady Richards: Outdoor Ed (M), Hunter Heath-Keen: Maths (M), Mixed Media Exploration (E), Science (M), Hui Sheak: Business Studies (M), DVC (M), English (M), Maths (E) Art (M), Science (M), Ben Golsner: DVC (M), English (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Maths (M), Science (M), Ella Clarkson: DVC (M), Maths (M), Science (M), Joelle Sonntag: Food (M), Health (M), PE (M), Gabrielle Walker: Maths (M), Leah Werner: DVC (M), Maths (E), Science (M), Julian Woodhead: Science (M), Ben Cave: Art Making Intensive (E), DVC, (M), English (M), Science (M), Lili Fitzsimmons: Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M), Jack Troughton: Maths (M), Science (M), Anna Mairoll:  Art Making Intensive (E), Outdoor Education (E), Moeka Koyama: DVC (E), English (E), Geography (M), Maths (E), Science (E), Level 2 History (E), William Zernikov: Maths (M), Science (M), Hannah Mangall: English (M), Food (M), Maths (M), PE (E), Science (E), Kate Burnett: Food (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M), Eileen Bullock-Lindegger: English (M), PE (M), Brad Gale: Horticulture (M), Britney Heal: English (E), Food (M), Geography (M) History (E), Maths (M), Science (M), Nunu Bedgood: Maori (M), Zoe Machon-Holloway: Outdoor Ed (M), Wolfgang O’Donahue-Rogers: English (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M), Bridget Peter: English (M), Food (M), Horticulture (E), Outdoor Ed (E), Science (M), Evie Fox: DVC (M), Mixed Media Exploration (E), Keira Franklin: DVC (M), Health (M), Riley Smart: Art Making Intensive (E), DVC (M), English (M), PE (E), Science (M), Tyreece Kerr: Art Making Intensive (M), PE (M), Lucy Summerfield: DGT (E), English (E), Maori (M), Maths (E), Music (M), Science (M), Kaia Fleming: Art Making Intensive (M), Yaz Harrhy: DVC (M), Mixed Media Exploration (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Teije Hoekstra: DVC (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Ashleigh Wood: Horticulture (M), Outdoor Ed (E), Holly Druce: DVC (M), English (M), French (M), History (E), Science (M), Kaleb Atkin: DVC (M), Fletcher Wassall: Outdoor Ed (M), Science (M), Amber McDonald: Art Making Intensive (M), Health (E), Jake Hess: English (M), Maths (M), Outdoor Ed (M), Science (E), Aria Petzold: Mixed Media Exploration (M),,Sean Hooper: PE (M),,Rosa Kelly: Drama (M), History (M), Mixed Media Exploration (E), Science (M)


Grace Riley: Painting (E), Photography (E), Mia Weallans: Painting (M), Kim Lammers: PE (M), German (E), Tui Piggott: English (M), Kai Sheak: Design (M), Quinne Weber: Biology (M), English (E), Maths (M), Physics (M), Emma Langford: Biology (M), English (M), Molly Wilson: Painting (E), Shaemus Dalton: Photography (M), Bryn Stevens: Music (M), Physics (M), Kyla Rayward: English (M), Physics (M), Harrison Frater: Biology (E), Chemistry (E), English (M), Maths (M), Music (M), Physics (E), Jonty Cranshaw: English (M), Physics (M), Thomas Schwarzenbach: Biology (M), Maths (M), Physics (E), Larissa Barker: Horticulture (M), Ellinor Visser: English (M), History (M), Lara Pearson: Biology (M), Tessa Barnes: Biology (E), Chemistry (E), History (E), Maths (E), Physics (E), Poppy Wilson-Howarth: Food Technology (M), Jake Clark: PE (M), Maya Gavalas: PE (M), Leila Collin: PE (M), Piper Mae Walker-Wilkinson: Photography (M), Teagan Wilmhurst: Painting (M), Design (E), Lotus Meijer: Biology (M), Geography (M), Maths (M), Lucia Rae: Painting (E), Photography (M), Henry Russon: PE (M), Josefin Lerbs: Photography (E), Biology (M), Maths (E), Physics (E), Josh Fitzgerald: Biology (M), English (M), Geography (M), Jet Edwards: English (M), Maths (M), Liligail Barrier: Biology (M), Health (M), PE (M), Josh Thompson: Design (M) PE (M), Bodelle Rowling: PE (M), Cameron Dykes: PE (M), Jacob Webby: Physics (M), Emily Wood: English (M), Ria Knoef: Biology (E), Chemistry (M), English (M), Food Technology (M), Maths (M), Physics (E), Kiera Inglis: Biology (M), Chemistry (M), English (M), Physics (M), Milan Chapman: English (M), Physics (M), Mila Botica: Painting (M), Biology (M), Chemistry (M), English (E), Geography (E), Maths (M), Natalie Woolfe: Maths (M), Physics (M), Lisa Ormsby: Food Technology (M), Emma Harvey: History (M), Rozmarijn Laaraker – English (E)


Rowena Mossiman: Calculus (M), PE (M), Physics (E), Jackson Harris: Photography (E), Joelle Post: Food Technology (E), Health (M), Kai Grinberg: Biology (M), Calculus (E), Chemistry (E), Physics (E), Stats (E), Rhea Symonds: History (M), Emily Gordon: Food Technology (M), Shannen Smith: Health (M), Miriam Vincent: Painting (E), Photography (M), German (M), Tagan Stringer: Painting (M), Paige George: Health (E), Benjamin Crowther: History (M), Tessa Seymour: Painting (E), English (E), History (M), Selena Christie: Painting (M), Cordelia Woodhead: Painting (M), Dance (M), Saskia Gray: Maori (M), Chris Davis: Design (M), English (E), History (M)

NCEA Endorsements 2020

Level 3 Excellence endorsements

Kai Grinberg, Chris Davis, Tessa Seymour

Level 3 Merit Endorsements

Rowena Mossiman, Joelle Post, Miriam Vincent, Paige George, Benjamin Crowther, Cordelia Woodhead

Level 2 Excellence Endorsements

Rozemarijn Laaraker, Quinne Weber, Harrison Frater, Tessa Barnes, Josefin Lerbs, Ria Knoef, Mila Botica

Level 2 Merit Endorsements

Grace Riley, Kim Lammers, Tui Piggott, Bryn Stevens, Kyla Rayward, Jonty Cranshaw, Thomas Schwarzenbach, Larissa Barker, Poppy Wilson-Howarth, Teagan Wilmhurst, Lotus Meijer, Lucia Rae, Josh Fitzgerald, Jet Edwards, Liligail Barrier, Kiera Inglis, Milan Chapman, Natalie Woolfe

Level 1 Excellence Endorsements

Ben Cave, Theresa Currie, Holly Druce, Britney Heal, Jake Hess, Moeka Koyama, Anna Mairoll, Hannah Mangnall, Lisa Schubert, Riley Smart, Lucy Summerfield, Jade Sundbye, Anoushka Van Boekhout-Mackenzie

Level 1 Merit Endorsements

Tazma Ashcroft, Kaleb Atkin, Ellie Bellamy, Bobby Boyce, Mirissa Briggs-Port, Eileen Bullock-Lindegger, Kate Burnett, Rain Byrne, Bronte Chapman, Nikita Christie, Hanna Claringbold, Ella Clarkson, Isabel Elsom, Jolie Ferne, Jordan Fisher, Sydney Fisher, Lili Fitzsimmons, Kaia Fleming, Evie Fox, Brad Gale, Ben Golsner, Yaz Harrhy, Zoe Harrison, Hunter Heath-Keen, Gabrielle Walker, Teije Hoekstra, Rosa Kelly, Jake Maley, Janek Manderson, Amber McDonald, Ari Miller, Hamish Monaghan, Molly Morris, Wolfgang O’Donahue-Rogers, Bridget Peter, Hui Sheak, Alex Shee, Joelle Sonntag, Willow Stebbings, Jeremy Sudol, Brooke Tranter, Jack Troughton, Leah Werner, Oliver Whitaker, Louis Young, William Zernikov

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