An interview with:  Fletcher Pickworth    Yr:    13

Your Chosen sport – Athletics

Your nickname – Fletty

Your place of birth – Nelson

Specialist position – 1500m

Current team competing in – Motueka High School Academy

The best thing about being an Athletic runner is – The sense of achievement and  knowing all your hard work has payed off

The worst thing about being an Athletic runner is – Having to train 6 days a week running up to 100k’s a week

The most stimulating moment ever experienced when competing was – The first time I got a NZ Top 3 individual medal in the 1500m

My most embarrassing moment when competing was – Running a race with only one shoe because my other one was not tied properly

The best place I’ve ever toured is – Taupo. Going to Lake Taupo was an awesome experience and getting to race there was really cool

What has been your proudest moment – Getting 2nd in NZ in December. This was my 2nd Top 3 in NZ proving it wasn’t a fluke and it was also in front of all my training mates

If there was one athlete that you would like to beat who would it be –  Liam Back

If there is one person or athlete you would like as a role model who would it be – Nick Mouli.  From a young age I have always looked up to Nick. He was always supporting me and he was such a goat. He gave me his old spikes (running shoes) which I now run in

The hardest thing about training is – Having to train so often and for so long. Most of the time it goes unnoticed

The best advice my parents ever gave me was –  Never say Never

If there is one thing I really hate it is –  managing myself

The best piece of clothing I’ve ever owned is – My pink fluffy slippers. I always wear them to competitions

I’d hate to be without – My pink fluffy slippers

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be – Nick Mouli

I think a good motto for life is – Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard

Favourite food – Sushi

Favourite Warm-up music – Eminem, lose yourself!

Favourite pass-times – Just hanging out with mates, just chilling

Best favourite movie – Queen, Bohemian Raphsody

What does life bring after finishing Secondary School – If successful I would go to America on an athletic scholarship

Your Top Coach/es – Tony Aikenhead and Greg Lautenslager

Best Supporters (mentor) – Mum and Dad without a doubt, and a shout out to the boys, Jacob Brooks and Ben Hofbauer for keeping my training honest

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Cross Country: Thursday 20 May 2021
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Regional Manu Korero: Friday 21 May 2021
Careers Roadshow: Thursday 25 May 2021
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Term 3 ends: Friday 1 October 2021
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